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Celebration of “EuVac Baby Award Ceremony”

Dream realized: Celebration of “EuVac Baby Award Ceremony” in KVG Medical College, Sullia, Dakshinakannada, Karnataka, Dr Narayana Holla & the team.

Proem: As announced earlier in August 2018, Dr Holla & the team could realize the dream and celebrated “EuVac Baby Award Ceremony” today in our Medical College.

Context and the dream: Baby Laasya was born on 30th March 2017. Her mother Mrs Chaitra C.G; W/O Mr Vasantha B brought Laasya exactly on due dates till the completion of booster dose.          Mrs Chaitra’s sustained commitment till the completion of booster dose inspired Dr Holla to felicitate all such mothers on either World Immunization day or Children’s day. Today we could realize the dream and wish to share the glimpses of the occasion. If KVG Team can do, anybody can do.

50 identified “EuVaccinees” were invited personally by the team to participate in the celebration.    35 could attend the function with a few fathers too with the help of ANMs/AWWs/ASHAs.

Staff Nurses: Shobitha & Sajitha registered the beneficiaries, certificates were made ready.

Dr KV Chidananda, Medical Director, lighted the lamp while Dr Aishwarya invocated. M.D. also click stared the PPT. Dr Holla, Professor and Immunization Officer, narrated briefly as to how timely vaccination of baby Laasya by her mother, Mrs Chaitra C.G inspired to felicitate such devoted mothers on this occasion of Children’s day. Dr Nivedita Reddy, Pediatrician spoke on optional vaccines. Thayicard and the Combo-Card [HBR] incorporated with cells to write due date enabled the parents to bring their children exactly or closer to due date vaccinating close to the schedule, attaining timely completion and no dropout. Block Medical Officer Dr Subramanya, AMO                  Dr Bhanumathi of CHC Sullia, Heads of Pediatric, OBG & other Departments, Dean Dr Satyavathi K, Professor Emeritus Dr Sheela G Nayak, IMA President Dr Sayi Geetha.. all actively participated, distributed the certificates and gift to the mothers. Dr Kriti Bhat, Dr Shahsikala, Asst Professors, mastered the ceremony, sequentially managed the events.

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